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Kenai & Koda - Brother Bear / Disney Inspired - Movie Art Poster

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Amazing Disney Quotes You Might Have Forgotten About

"When the three of us were young, we were taught that the world is full of magic." - Brother Bear

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The three totems of the brothers in Brother Bear. Kenai: The Bear of Love Denahi: The Wolf of Wisdom Sitka: The Eagle of Guidance

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Best Movie Of My Childhood

Disney movies that focus on love between siblings... Lilo and Stitch came before Brother Bear so Disney has been doing this for a while but no one really noticed it until Frozen

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Brother Bear is a story about a man becoming a Bear to learn how his pendent relates to him. "The Bear of Love". The man meets a little cub named Coda and through out the movie the man looks out for Coda. This movie is kind of like my brother and I. We look out for each other through thick and thin.

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“I love how Brother Bear has no definite heroes or villains. It’s a story grounded on human interaction, and the goods and evils that are innate in each one of us.”

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