Big Boy Bank Funko Elias Brothers Restaurants Promo Plastic 1999 Hamburger Plug

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Pee Wee Herman!!! Gadol! Your women, I want your women..... (oh you bastards are going to get scared I will take your women) LOL I'm kidding but I know you say this... Don't you? Mwhahahahah. I hear everything through my third eye.

Flying Burrito brothers restaurant and bar branding by Chilli

The original hexagonal McDonalds brothers' restaurant located at 1398 North E Street in San Bernardino, California (1954). This stand was demolished in 1957 to be replaced by a building in the Golden Arches style. In an oversight, the McDonald brothers failed to retain rights to the McDonald's name when they sold the chain to Ray Kroc, and they were forced to rename it "The Big M". It went out of business and was demolished in the 1980s, although part of the sign remains.

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