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Have you ever noticed those flaky patches on your skin, especially your nose? ...DIY Fix Mix together 2tbs of Sugar, 1tbs of Honey and 1tsp of Olive Oil. This mixture removes all the dead skin with the sugar, and the honey and olive oil will nourish your skin to the fullest, no matter the skin type. Just be careful to scrub gently

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How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Skin

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Skin When skin is exposed more to the sun, there is an increase in the production of cells known as melanocytes and due to which the skin turns darker. These dark skin patches are known as brown spots, age spots, dark spots, sun spots and liver spots. Brown spots generally appear on

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Remove Those Ugly Dark Patches On The Neck, Underarms And Inner Thighs In 15 Minutes!!!

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Quick ways to make your skin glow

LEMON SKIN BRIGHTENER Brighten up dull skin with lemon juice. Lemon juice helps to peel away the skin’s top layer, there by removing pigmentation, fade brown spots and dull patches, and fights blemishes. Lemon juice can be applied directly on the skin or diluted with warm water. Leave it on your skin for few mins

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How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Skin

how to get rid of brown spots on skin:

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Elephants typically have grey skin, but African elephants look brown or reddish after wallowing in coloured mud. Asian elephants have some patches of depigmentation, particularly on the forehead and ears and the areas around them. An elephant uses mud as a sunscreen, protecting its skin from ultraviolet light. Although tough, an elephant's skin is very sensitive. Without regular mud baths to protect it from burning, insect bites and moisture loss, an elephant's skin suffers serious damage.

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Remove Those Dark Patches On The Neck, Thighs And Inner Arm In Less Than 15 Minutes With THIS...

On beauty treatments, dermatologist or products that are promising dark spots elimination from the skin people spend lots of money, but sometimes it can be only waist of time and money. There is a natural way to get rid of this problem.

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How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Skin

Brown spots are mainly caused due to the over exposure of skin to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This prolonged exposure will increase the production of melanocytes that in turn raises melanin in the skin which turns the skin darker. These painless dark patches on the skin are also termed as dark spots, sun spots, …