A good friend has a friend in Hong Kong who got me the whole set in Chinese with English subtitles not the cheesy America versions with dubbing

Free guides to Bruce Lee movies, Bruce Lee quotes, Bruce Lee's fighting style and Bruce Lee facts contained in a Bruce Lee biography!

49 Life Lessons From Bruce Lee, Tyler Durden, Rocky Balboa and Muhammad Ali - Chris McCombs

I never knew Bruce Lee directed some of his own films. A Warrior's Journey, The Game of Death, and The Way of the Dragon were all directed by him. Great actor and amazing martial artist as well.

Yip Man, the man who originally taught Bruce Lee...and he didn't even finish training Bruce all the way because he believed Bruce was too "westernized".

Grandmaster Yip Man Credit New Martial Hero // Master (teacher) of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

25 inspiring and motivational quotes from the Kung Fu legend - Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee remains the greatest icon of martial arts cinema and a key figure of mo

Bruce Lee Biography - Actor Martial Arts - eklusif theme

Next generation Bruce Lee game taking things to the next level. If goal is achieved it will be available for XBox one, and PC

Bruce Lee Biography and Quotes | 16 Motivational Quotes

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