Bruce Willis

Brenna Zinn's inspiration for Dan "The Man" Camden, a young Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis. If I was ever in a movie I would want Bruce Willis to be my Dad.

I absolutely adore Bruce Willis. I think he is a phenomenal actor, definitely on the top of my favorite actors list, if not number one. And he's so damn sexy. I am loving the way he has aged.

Great picture of Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis funny & tough great combo & that smirking smile with a twinkle in his eye :)

Bruce Willis: Longtime crush since Moonlighting. I still love him. I think it's his confident smirk and sarcastic nature...

A Guys Guide to Perfect Stubble Facial Hair that Women Love

Post sexy older men in this thread. Bruce Willis is a sexy old white man!

The Fifth Element (1997) Really want this as a framed poster. Yessss.:

unamed cat with Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) in Fifth Element

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Walter "Bruce" Willis - German-born American Actor, Film Producer, Writer, Musician and Singer (born 19 March

Die Hard (1988)

"Yippe-ka-yay motherfucker" Bruce Willis as Officer John McClane, Die Hard

Bruce Willis - Don't judge me. He can be as old and bald as he wants. I still love him.

Bruce Willis - I love, love, LOVE hot men with closely shaved/bald heads. Always thought that Bruce could pull it off really well and he's always been sexy! Even if he is old, lol.

Bruce Willis circa The Moonlighting!

Bruce Willis is the Last Boy Scout Joe hallenbeck, John McClane, Church, etc. the golden era of ass kicking.

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Atelier Management - Photographers - Jim Wright - Celebrity - Men Bruce Willis and his pup