Differences Between Adult Bullying and Harassment Another one of the differences between bullying and harassment is that adult bullies will target anyone, even popular successful people. Adult bullies will target people they perceive as a better than tem at their job not people who are a minority or weaker than themselves

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Did you know October is National Bullying Prevention Month? Here is an educator's guide to websites, organizations, articles, and other resources for combating bullying.

Discover websites, organizations, articles, planning guides, lesson plans, and other resources dedicated to preventing bullying and harassment.

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This bystander’s guide to Islamophobic harassment was created by a young illustrator and filmmaker who works in Paris and goes by Maeril. She made versions in both French and English.

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National Bullying Prevention Center Lesson plan for early elementary on bullying using the book: Spookley the Square Pumpkin

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double standards... if a skinny girl likes food and talks about it a lot, she is a revolutionary and everybody asks how she stays in shape. If a chubby girl likes food, she gets attacked and harassed and laughed at and stared at.

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stopbullying.gov Everything you could want to know about bullying including prevention, how to respond, and much much more! Great reference site!!

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Troup, C. (2002). Exploring the nature of control and its role in the appraisal of workplace stress. Work & Stress, 16(4), 335-355. This picture shows the control over the workplace and how workers manage to use control to prevent stress at the workplace

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What is bullying?, Am I being bullied?, how to recognize bullying, understand bullying, and more. Very nice.

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