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Building a bunker could be a great choice as there are at least dozen SHTF scenarios where your life can be saved by having an underground bunker to hide and spend some time in. So, the idea of making a bunker is great for every survivalist enthusiast and a definite ... #bunkerplans

How To Build A Doomsday Family Bunker

Brothers // Funny // Supernatural Humor // Winchester

I love how they're hunters and everything about their lives is not natural yet they're just typical brothers

Would you like to go back to the nature and live in a cave?

Awesome cave feel in parts of this--If I'm loving it, I'm sure kids would too :)

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Bug Out Bag List: Serious Preppers ONLY

Cozinhas americanas - Para simplesmente inspirar!!

Cozinhas americanas - Para simplesmente inspirar!!

Small kitchen design planning is important since the kitchen can be the main focal point in most homes. We share collection of small kitchen design ideas

Sense and Simplicity: Shipping Container Homes - 6 Inspiring Plans

Sense and Simplicity: Shipping Container Homes - 6 Inspiring Plans (I like the tin can plan for a hunting cabin idea)

Putting Green Photos: Putters Edge Putting Greens Synthetic Lawns

Experience putting green displays at our Cupertino Design Center and Design Village in Monterey.

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not to storm on the destiel parade, but there is nothing uncommon about "good morning sunshine" he's said it to sam multiple times, too. I'm sure with them all living in the bunker they hear it twice a day.or more depending on who is with them.