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Places to camp in the USA, Bureau of Land Management allows you to squat on forest property, specified parks and campsites, etc.


Tips for Locating and Buying Land Inexpensive land is available for homesteading if you just look in the right places, each state's Bureau of Land Management is a great place to start.


Bureau of Land Management(BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site. Family Tree Friday: Land records (Part 2) – Eastern vs. Western public land states


American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign. Americans uniting to keep the Bureau of Land Management from destroying them for the profit interests of Nevada ranchers.


Millions of wild horses used to roam the Wild West, but like most animals that aren’t cows, they are seen as competitors and threats to the huge ranching operations that are already heavily subsidized by US taxpayers. The Bureau of Land Management spends their days killing off any animals who happen to wander onto the cattle ranchers’ “property”.


Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office... Federal Land Patents offer researchers a source of information on the initial transfer of land titles from the Federal government to individuals. In addition to verifying title transfer, this information will allow the researcher to associate an individual (Patentee, Assignee, Warrantee, Widow, or Heir) with a specific location (Legal Land Description) and time (Issue Date).


The Bureau of Land Management Office tract books are a good source for additional information on your homesteading or federal land acquiring ancestors. This material supplements what is in the homestead file, allows you to see names of neighboring claims, even if those claims were not completed. If you've ever wondered who might have started a claim near your ancestor, but never completed it--these books are the way to find out.