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How to Shop for Funeral Products

Shopping for Funeral Products

Above the first human burial in Tumulus 1 of the Ak-Alakha 3 site was the burial of horses. Sketch by E. Shumakova. On the ceiling of the vault with the mummy of a high-born woman there was another burial chamber with two dead people, made of blocks covered with slabs of stone (left). The back of the skull of one of the dead showed traces of a blow that must have caused his/her death (below). This grave had been violated by ancient robbers. Photo by V. Mylnikov. The photo of the skull by M…


Beneath Washington Square, Forgotten Tombs Begin to Yield Their Secrets

Beneath Washington Square, Forgotten Tombs Begin to Yield Their Secrets - The New York Times

The Moving Coffins of Chase Vault. Here is an interesting burial vault in which the coffins were found to be moved everytime it was opened. Head to this link to learn more:


Early Medieval Circlet from a Royal Lady's burial vault Finland/Kemi/Gemstone Gallery


The funeral of the Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Romanov of Russia,a paternal uncle to Nicholas,in 1908.The Grand Duke died of pneumonia in Paris on 27 November (14 November O.S.) 1908.He was the first to be interred in the new Grand Ducal Burial Vault which had been constructed to hold the remains of the non-reigning Romanovs. "AL"


hypogeum \ hahy-puh-JEE-uhm, hip-uh- \ , noun; 1. an underground burial chamber. 2. Ancient Architecture . the underground part of a building, as a vault.


Pyramid of Djoser: P1 is the original 4-step pyramid, P2 is the addition, which created a 6-step. "Diagram of the substruc-ture & the building stages of Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara"


Lincoln's Original receiving vault shortly after his death on May 4, 1865. He is now in the underneath the memorial erected in the background of this vault seen here.From 1836-1901,over the next 36 years, his body will not rest. His coffin was moved 17 times& opened another 5 times until his final resting place was completed finally placing him in Memorial Hall in a steel cage in concrete more than 10 feet deep.


Civil War Unknowns Memorial ~ Arlington National Cemetery ~ Arlington ~ Virginia