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Finger Tongs $13.00 WOW need to get a pair of them -- hate burning hand or scratching pan -- ♥ cooking this way


Microwave bowl pads... multiple sizes, diy pattern. Super fast and easy to make... just in time for Christmas! Place the bowl in the potholder like bowl... microwave and you have built in pot holder/place mat! No more burned fingers!


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Have you ever felt the urge to reach out and flip that burger over with your bare fingers? Or grab that chicken wing right out of the pan once it’s.


Completely Stop Burned Fingers

WHILE STOCKS LAST! NOT SOLD IN STORES! Take advantage of 50% discount on this product for a Limited Time! Easily make your own bias tape from any fabric in just a few minutes with these Bias Tape Makers. No more wasting money on store bought bias tape that is limited to a small selection of solid colors... No more burned fingers making bias tape the slow old fashioned way... Save money and open limitless possibilities to make single fold or double fold bias tape from the exact color/p...