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Halloween & Horror Movies #22 - BURNT OFFERINGS (United Artists/MGM-1976)


Elements (The Holy Cities): There are four holy cities in Israel, which, according to Jewish mystical tradition, correspond to the four elements. Earth = Hevron, where our Matriarchs & Patriarchs are buried. Fire = Jerusalem, onetime site of the burnt offerings, seat of the Divine Presence. Water = Tiberias, on the Kinneret, or Sea of Galilee. Air = my beloved Tzfat, legendary home of the 16th-century Kabbalists -- also known today for its colony of artists. $20 unframed includes FREE…


Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings

Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings, Grey

All work displayed in this gallery may be purchased by contacting Judy Stone. I call these “destructed” vessels burnt offerings because they are my homage to enameling and to the power of heat and …

2. The Law of Burnt Offerings (Leviticus 1:1-17) |

Mrs Allardyce - Burnt Offerings - Karen Black - once again terrifying


Body Count Rising: Burnt Offerings (1976) Coming to Blu-ray

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Burnt Offerings (1976)

Karen Black - Oliver Reed - Bette Davis


The Five Offerings Of Leviticus 1-7: Chart And Breif Outline :: RK Campbell