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HOWARD ROBARD HUGHES, JUNIOR (Business Magnate) BIRTH: December 24, 1905 in Humble, Texas, U.S.A. DEATH: April 5, 1976 in Houston, Texas, U.S.A CAUSE OF DEATH: Kidney Failure CLAIM TO FAME: Became a Recluse, Suffering Obsessive-Compulsive Disease


April 5 – d. Howard Hughes, American aviation pioneer, film director, and eccentric (b. 1905)


Michael Lee-Chin, OJ, Jamaican-born Canadian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder and Chairman of Portland Holdings Inc., a privately held investment company which owns diversified companies in media, tourism, healthcare telecom & financial services. He is currently Executive Chairman of AIC Limited and the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica. He is on the Forbes Billionaires List, worth around US $1.5Bn. He is a recipient of the Order of Jamaica.


Impressive Americans: a young Bill Gates in his Boy Scout uniform. #billgates #boyscouts


Walt Disney (1901–1966) was an American business magnate, cartoonist, animator, film director, writer, producer, philanthropist, and voice actor. His life’s work continues to positively impact generations of young people worldwide. Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” His original description of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) is truly visionary and can be seen here:


Howard Hughes war nicht nur ein amerikanischer Flieger und Luft-und Raumfahrt-Ingenieur, sondern ein Business-Magnat, Investor, Filmemacher und Menschenfreund.


Pinner wrote: A unique caterpillar that looks remarkably like the majestic swoop of hair on business magnate Donald Trumps head lives in the Amazon rain forest, according to the Daily Mail U.K. * is this real? *


Merv Griffin, 82, Aug. 12, 2007: Griffin had many careers, all successful, including band singer, talk-show host and entertainer. But he also found enormous success as the force behind some of TV's most successful game shows, including "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune." "The Merv Griffin Show" aired for 20 years, and Griffin was spinning new ventures up until his death, including the new "Merv Griffin's Crosswords." "My father was a visionary," Griffin's son, Tony Griffin, said upon Merv's…

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Financial Management: 9 Tips for Business Owners

Learning the basics of business and financial management are ESSENTIAL if you want your business to thrive. Whether you’re a blogger, a personal trainer with a gym, a chef with a restaurant, or any other type of budding entrepreneur-- these 9 tips can help you.

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Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes - producer and director of "Hell's Angels" and "The Outlaw"