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There once was a beaver who was so busy that he didn't always think things through. After finding himself on the wrong side of a falling tree one day, the beaver begins to see the error of his careless ways. He's eager to set things right, but will his friends and neighbors believe he's truly changed behavior?

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Beaver Facts Sheet - Canadian Geographic Kids!

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Mr. Beaver by StevenDavisPhoto on deviantART @tiinatolonen

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Collegiate Football Free Fonts ~~ {5 free fonts w/ links}

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How to build your spoken English confidence? - Speak with confidence - English Lesson -

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B is for Busy Beavers as seen on Second Grade Squad

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STEM Challenge for Kids: Design a Paper Plate Marble Maze

STEM Challenge for Kids: Create a pinball like marble maze game using paper plates and other basic craft materials. Fun design and building challenge! ~

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Beaver - one of these guys swings by every evening at The Last Resort Vacation Cabin on the Clark Fork River in northern Idaho.

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Female Beavers are smaller and lighter in color than the dark males. The female stays in the nest with the pups, where there's an underwater entrance, but a high platform that is out of the water and warm. Both sexes have the "paddle tail."

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Most Beaver dams are long, like this one and most of it is underwater. It is made of tree branches, mud, leaves, grasses, that are strategicaly placed. Both male and female are active in raising the pups. The dams aide in balancing water supplies down stream. When humans start interfering with this balance, do floods, drought and other imbalances happen.

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