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A captivating photo of baby Pippa makes a graphic statement: The enlarged images are centered atop one another. Busy images can be distracting in multiples, so choose a simple subject for this project. For ease, purchase a photo in each size when ordering online.

Busy City Market picture | Have students describe everything they see | Spanish Class


kitchen items vocabulary - speaking and pictures - repetitive of kitchen, quite busy images, quite fast


Lorenzo Mattotti 'Light and Dark' I really love his use of what looks like just one medium. I wish I could do this. This is quite a busy image but the eye is still led to what looks like their escape because of the placement of white light in the distance. They make it look so simple.


Jan Masny: (Five Images) Part 1 I like the almost obscure way in which the first image has been capture, the overlapping bodies in conjunction with the layered material creates a busy image and focal point/s. I do like how they have been captured to fill the frame. I really like the colours and lighting in the second image, I like this image is a bit more simply in terms of subject composition than the first image. I also like that the dancers are all doing something similar. In the third


Keith Rankin'scollages and digital art are busy images often depicting the familiar - sometimes even mundane - in surreal dreamlike and fantastical surroundings. via #upnews

Started experimenting with some post-processing on an image taken from the Top of the Rock in Midtown. It's a really busy image with tons of things to look at (including the halo around the sun) so was really trying to keep the eyes moving toward the center and the Empire State Building. This is what I ended up with. Hope it's not too over-cooked. This is a three-image panorama taken with a 10-stop ND filter.

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7 tips for overlaying text on imagery

Blurry effect or focal point frame for busy images

Hansika Latest Images. Hansika is currently busy in Kollywood and has become one of the lead actress She is currently doing a project in Tollywood

The need for ammunition boxes, pallets, and other wood products kept workers in Oregon's forest busy. (Image no. ww0207-66 courtesy Northwestern University)