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Whether you're an actual barkeep or just an overly-prepared party-goer, the Butterfly Knife Styled Bottle Opener ($7) can help add some flair to your booze-accessing routine. Built from food-grade stainless steel, this sturdy opener functions just like a butterfly knife — and it looks just like one as well, so be careful when you're whipping it out lest you look a little too tough and end up in a roadside ditch.

from Brewer's Haven

Butterfly Bottle Opener

Perfect for the bartender in your life, this butterfly knife is a bottle opener and doubles as a butterfly knife trainer with its dull edges. So give this cool butterfly a try, and while you're practicing open up a bottle and drink a cold one.

Black & Silver Butterfly Knife "Bartender" Bottle Opener


Fury Bali Song BarFly Butterfly Bottle Opener, Steel Handles - 32223

Butterfly "knife" bottle opener.


Bar Ninja Bottle Ninja butterfly bottle opener in chrome and stainless steel

Butterfly Bottle Opener, Chrome Finish

Balisong Metal Butterfly Bottle Opener Balisong Metal Butterfly Bottle Opener Steel Trainer Knife Other

Butterfly Bottle Opener Black Finish

from Gizmodo

Butterfly Bottle Opener Lets You Walk on the Wild Side of Bartending

Remember how fun it was in the old days to play around with those butterfly knives and do cool moves? Well, now you can enjoy that same thrill whenever you open a beer. Your butterfly knife can’t do that. This bottle opener will...