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Where to buy succulents - a guide for buying online and locally

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Sedum dasyphyllum major QUICK-to-grow, this effortless little groundcover features adorable foliage nubbins that withstand light foot traffic - making it an excellent low-water lawn substitute! Trim it back to create a dense mat and leave the trimmings to root & grow - you’ll increase your stand AND have enough to share! Growing to no more than 6” high by up to 15” across, it erupts in a froth of delicate star-shaped white blooms Summer thru Fall.

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Graptoveria 'Douglas Huth' ~ This is a fantastic Graptoveria with a really nice form and interesting colours. In full sun it turns vibrant pink and in shade it turns bluish, hence its synonyms 'Dr Huth's Pink' and 'Dr Huth's Blue'. Care info:

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The top source for pictures, facts and information about cacti and succulents. Gymnocalycium ragonesei (scientific name, common names, synonyms, scientific classification, plant description, origins, growing information, uses and advice where to buy online).

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