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Where to buy succulents - a guide for buying online and locally

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Making Money Selling Photographs and Images - Who Will Buy Your Pics

Wouldn't it be cool if someone paid you cash for your photos? And what if you weren't a professional photographer, yet they still paid cash for your photos. It's a possibility! Turn your photography hobby into money. Check out this big list of sites that pay for photos.

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Awesome list of the 25 BEST places to shop for home decor fabric online, plus tips on how to buy!

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How to Sell Your Photos Online for More Cash with Less Work

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Here’s helpful chart to identify certain strains of marijuana. While I do agree with the majority of photos represented, I have some reservations about the GDP (Grand Daddy Purple). GDP usually has a nice purplish tint to it. Also, the smell test usually wins every time when one can’t identify a certain strain. So says she who would know… Click on the chart above to see larger version. (via reddit)

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