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The 23 Greatest Moments In The History Of Flirting

LOL SO TRUe like if i have a crush on you i come off as not liking you or say something stupid like "your shirt matches the tablecloth" or "your eyes look like those gummy eyeballs from halloween" and yes i actually said those they just smiled and said "what"

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21 Confessions About Love From Hopeless Romantics

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15 Times Disney Villains Were Just Trying To Be Helpful

A tribute to all your favorite Disney movies and all the ones that you grew up with. Feel free to submit anything Disney related including park visits, memorabilia, videos & artwork. None of the images seen below are mine unless stated.

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Keith Habersberger // Ned Fulmer // Eugene Lee Yang // Zach Kornfeld // Buzzfeed // The Try Guys

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A Hospital Worker Told This 4-Year-Old Girl That The Boy Who Beat Her Up Probably Has A Crush On Her - BuzzFeed News

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Possible Anti-Choice Arguments Answered

Questions that I answered on Quora that might help you in your pro choice arguments

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28 Reasons Chris Pratt Is The Human Golden Retriever Of Your Dreams

He clearly takes himself super seriously. | 28 Reasons Chris Pratt Is The Human Golden Retriever Of Your Dreams

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We Have A Pretty Big Crush On Buzzfeed’s Eugene Lee Yang, Too ❤ liked on Polyvore

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