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C language operator

Else if ladder or multiple else if to check character is vowel or consonant in C language

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The best pick up line ever…

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NATO phonetic alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (especially useful when you're trying to spell something over the phone)

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Its called the phonetic alphabet. Use it! Dont make up your own. I always make up my own.

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AND operator in C Programming Language

ZERO OPERATOR---We spend Millions of bucks at any given moment to pay for security @ airports, banks, etc.___isn't it time we protect our innocent children @ schools also? ---Their are many who would agree with me here and would be extremely willing and able to fulfill this need, unfortunately there remain still those who continue to fight againt it, WHY?

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What the way you hold your cigar says about you

What the way you hold your cigar says about you...I got a good psychologist={)

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Ham Radio Cheat Sheet  -  Amateur Radio Frequency Bands