Chocolate tree. The flesh is eaten as a dessert, and the seeds are the raw material of commercial chocolate. Hot chocolate can be made by drying the seeds, roasting, grinding, and adding milk.

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Cacao fruit, Dominican Republic. If you are a chocolate lover you have to take a tour of a cacao plantation. It is amazing!

The refreshing cacao juice is precious indeed. Each cacao fruit pod is about as large as a pineapple, three grapefruits, or a coconut, yet it is made up mostly of husk and seeds, so there is very little juice and pulp. It takes 25 cacao fruits to produce a single quart of cacao juice! #cacao #kosher #vegan #superfoods #antioxidants #nongmo #glutenfree #smoothie #healthy #Ecuador #cocoa #suavva

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#Cacao fruit on the theobroma tree. Seeds from these pods are harvested to make Its seeds are used to make #cocoa powder and #chocolate.

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Cocoa (Cacao) Fruit on Tree, Kalitakir Plantation, Kalibaru, Java, Indonesia Photographic Print by Ian Trower at

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"So this is the very first start of where chocolate comes from. These are the flowers on a cacao tree and the ants pollenate the flower and then in the center of this flower a little oblong pod shaped like a cacao fruit comes out of the center of those prongs on the flower. It's really a pretty special process just like the vanilla process and you realize why it's SO special. A beautiful tiny delicate flower produced amazing chocolate...good stuff!" - Atort

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Cacao! Also known as Baba Fruit or Spanish for "spit" - quite the humble beginnings of chocolate.

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