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✓ Organ Pipe Cactus NM (AZ)... Sadly, the threat from illegal boarder crossings and drug trafficking will forever prohibit my return.

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"Drink cactus juice. It'll quench ya. Nothing's quencher. It's the quenchiest!"

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The Truth About “Natural" Drugs — From Weed To Coke To 'Shrooms

Marijuana, Coke, Nicotine: The Truth About "Natural" Drugs #refinery29 Peyote U.S. Legal status: In most states, all parts of the peyote cactus are considered schedule I controlled substances. A few states (including Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada) do allow the use of peyote in religious practice. Potential benefits: Peyote actually has a reputation as both a cure for and protective against alcoholism, and there are a few studies…

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A group of peyotes, in cultivation. Peyote has been used in ritual contexts for thousands of years.

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Peyote aka Divine Cactus. An entheogenic succulent native to the Southwest with a long history of ceremonial and medicinal use in Native American culture. Consumption has a wide range of effects including euphoria, brightening of colors, changes in perception, dreams and visions, changes in communication, and dissolution of inhibitions. A peyote psychonautic trip can last for up to 12 hours after the nausea from the bitterness wears off. #peyote #mescaline #lophophora #williamsii

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