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Potatoes are an excellent profit plant, they are popular and easy to grow. To propagate a potatoe cut the "root potatoe" into slices, make sure each slice has a bud, then plant them. Each potatoe can produce many slices and each slice many potatoes, they grow underground meaning they are very hardy and also come in many varieties. ♥

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10 Simple Makeup Tips For Beginners

If you’re like me, words like “contour” and “blending brush” mean nothing to you. Makeup has always been a prominent aspect of women’s accessories throughout the centuries, but as styles and vary decade to decade, it’s hard to keep up. Modern day makeup has more or less become an art form. Seriously, don’t even get […]

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Dan Howell: The cute, nerdy guy who is best friends with Phil Lester and wants people to know that they are not gay. Unless you mean happy, then yes. They are.

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Shades of Meaning Freebie from Sparkling in Second on - (3 pages) - A fun and engaging, cut/paste/sort for shades of meaning. It will help the students visually see the way to level similar words by intensity!

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Fun clock design concept - easy to replicate with laser cutting - but is it useful? I mean, is this clock "readable"?

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Beef carpaccio with mustard & parmesan sauce

THE perfect starter!! Beef and Mustard is the perfect flavor combination! Text & Recipe: Ilse van der Merwe | Assistant: Elsebe Cronje | Photography: Tasha Seccombe Photography

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INFP Give me the box, I make something out of it. It's that mean I'm thinking outside the box? But the box is no more when I cut it to pieces.. Hmmm...

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