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Dairy Milk is Britain’s best-loved and iconic chocolate bar. Without it, the UK would probably come to a complete standstill.

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Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate bar goes fair trade

Not a recipe but did you know... ~ Suffer from brain fog? Three ounces of milk chocolate will improve your focus by 50% in as little as 15 minutes.

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Cadbury chocolate bar that packs 7 flavors into one satisfies every sweet tooth

Cadbury is surprising lucky chocolate lovers with 50 limited edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Spectacular 7 bars. Each bar has fillings from classic Cadbury bars: Oreo, Caramel, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Turkish Delight, Daim bar and the original Dairy Milk.

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And who could go past a Cadbury Twirl (but ONLY AUSSIE ONES!!!) :) .... or another other Aussie only, plain Cadbury chocolate (mil chocolate only and no added flavours or anything)

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Cadburys chocolate dairy milk sweetie bouquet....Who wants fowers if you can have chocolate.☺

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Collect this Chocolate Buche de Noel recipe by Cadbury Kitchen. MYFOODBOOK.COM.AU | MAKE FREE COOKBOOKS

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Galaxy Chocolate Bar, Holy Mother of Doom....I would go back to England in a heartbeat just for this chocolate!!!

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