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The Caesar Cocktail, aka the Canadian Bloody Mary

Ahh there's nothing a ceasar can't fix. And for all you U.S. Citizens, this is 10 times better than a Bloody Mary if you like tomato juice!!

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The Classic Ceasar Drink

Here's an easy recipe for Canada's national cocktail - the Caesar drink is like the bloody mary but inspired by Italy.

from Cookin Canuck

The Caesar Cocktail, aka the Canadian Bloody Mary

My favorite drink: Caesar !! I can drink this everyday and not get tired of it... Craving it right now !


Homemade Vegan Caesar Cocktail

Homemade Caesar Cocktail, anyone? Drink up and get a few servings of veggies at the same time. #recipes #vegan


This classic Canadian Spicy Caesar Cocktail is an amped up Bloody Mary, a refreshing, red-hot combo of Clamato, vodka, tabasco and worcestershire sauce. #BiteMeMore #clamato #caesar

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The Ultimate Bloody Mary

The ULTIMATE Bloody Mary Recipe. Go big or go home. Get the details at No bloody mary mix required.


Delicious and Fresh Caesar Salad Shooters by #RidgewellsCatering (c/o Imigination Photography)

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The Greatest Brunch Recipes Ever

The Greatest Brunch Recipes Ever!

bloody mary bar for wedding reception or next day brunch.

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13 Caesars That Took Their Garnishes Way Too Fucking Far

And finally, this $60 (!!!) Caesar, which comes with hamburgers, chicken wings, onion rings, a pulled pork mac & cheese, and a brownie, and you can only order it if you share it with at least one other person, because OTHERWISE IT WOULD BE EXCESSIVE.