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Daily CAFE & Reading Strategy Bulletin Board Resource with Pictures! Includes everything you need to display your reading strategies in your classroom. However, it is SO much more than just a display.


CAFE reading strategies chart and other Down Under Teacher Freebies


flip charts to remind students of the strategies they have learned so far this year. They are color coded to match the CAFE board in the classroom to make it easier to make the connections.


Use this CAFE Menu Checklist to ensure your students are exposed to every CAFE strategy over the course of the year. I use this as a whole group tracker to ensure I teach a mini-lesson for each strategy and on an individual basis when I meet with students for conferences. * Track your CAFE instruction* Tack student CAFE strategy mastery* Track CAFE strategy references in reading conferences


Though behaviors are a critical part to Daily 5 success, the CAFE menu is composed solely of reading strategies that will help our students achieve their reading goals.

from Mrs. Richardson's Class

Organized Guided Reading and a FREEBIE

Guided Reading Resource Card FREEBIE--these cards have everything you need to know for each skill with all guided reading levels! They are GOLD!


***ACCURACY*** Colorful CAFE Posters & Strategy Cards {Reading Strategies} *TpT freebie*


Our beanie baby reading buddies ( goes along with Daily 5 and the CAFE reading menu)


Daily 5 posters WITH the standards. Brilliant...... now only to find this for 2nd grade......