There are all kinds wedding cakes that incorporate the couples favorite geek interest, from comic book superheroes to TV shows to movies to video games. But what if you like them all? Here’s a cake, which may have been for a pre-wedding event, that splits open to show a variety of fandoms inside. There's Batman, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and ... This lovely cake from Divine Cakes was featured in Cake Wreck’s Sunday roundup of beautifu...

Epic Geek Cake by Divine Cakes: Cake Wrecks - Home - Sunday Sweets: Geek Chic Wedding Cakes

Tasty Treats can be found at Carlo's Bakery of the TV show Cake Boss is in the Venetian.

I loved watching Cake Boss and always talked about wanting to get a wedding cake from Carlo's Bakery.

This Friends-Themed Bridal Shower Is Nuts (In The Best Way) #refinery29  A closer look at that cake-topper. So good!...

This "Friends"-Themed Bridal Shower Is Nuts (In The Best Way)


Italian Lemon Pound Cake

Lemon, Pound Cake, Recipe I got this recipe years ago from a local television show. I love the mild lemon flavor that this cake has. It isn’t the over powering mouth puckering lemon flavor li…

Tennis Fixation: A Whole Tennis Cake TV Show!

Tennis tips, techniques and strategies to quickly and easily improve your game. Plus lots and lots of tennis fashion!