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Heel spur is also called as Calcaneal spur. It is an abnormal growths in the bones of the heels. The abnormal calcium deposits form when the plantar fascia pulls away from the heel and this causes a lot of pain and discomfort and prevent you from walking properly. Natural home remedies can helps you to get rid of pain, swelling and abnormal calcium deposits in heels. Our website -

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Natural Remedies For Calcaneal Spur

89. Pai PN. Thiosinaminum in the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis with Calcaneal Spurs. British Homoeopathic Journal, 1992, October, 81, 173-175.  n this uncontrolled study, 43 people suffering from plantar fasciitis and calcaneal spurs were treated with homeopathic Thiosinimum, Thiosinimum and Merc cor, or Thiosinimum and Merc biniod. Thiosinimum alone proved to be the therapy most likely to be helpful in resolving recently developed cases.


One of the common causes of heel spur is recurrent stress to the base of the heel which results in buildup of calcium deposits on the heel.. read: