Stop guessing at what to charge your clients. This Freelance Client Queue & Rate Calculator will help you: Track the average time spent on up to 30 different types of projects, Monitor the average time spent on up to 6 phases of each product, Mark your progress, pay status, & due dates on client commissions, Set your hourly pay, tax rate, transaction costs, and licensing fees. Automatically calculates your fair price rates based on: - Hourly rate vs average project times. - Selected c...

How to calculate Estimated Due Date Naegael's Rule (First day of Last Menstral Period -3 months + 7 days)

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Use our Menstrual Cycle Calculator and calculate your Period, Ovulation and Due date. Find out when you stand the best chance of getting pregnant.

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Help monitor your baby’s development and prepare for the big day with this helpful due date calculator:

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I've discovered it's pretty helpful to be able to count the days of your rabbits gestation. I recently came across this tool that could be useful for you. Print it out and keep it with your records...

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Need to calculate your due date? Check out the FREE American Pregnancy Association pregnancy calculator to help you predict your due date. Put your LMP and average cycle length in the pregnancy calculator and we will provide an estimate of when your baby should be born.

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