Autumnleaf, she-cat, is wise and agile. Very loyal and knows the code almost like it was a part of her.

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Nightkit~Tom~quiet~mother:darkflower father:sunblaze~special will start the war.shadowclan(pb:me)

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CAT 02 AL0041 01 - British Shorthair Calico Sitting On Seamless Studio - Kimballstock

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I rip out other cats für and stitch the bloody patches of Flesh and für to my Body see more at More

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(KO) I am going on a "splor". My Mom insists on going with me. Like anything could happen! Why does she look so nervous? I'll protect her!!!

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Awww This is for you guys who don't like cats, come on if you saw this little guy you'd keep him!

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Tiny Calico Kitten, 11weeks old. My kid sister, Babu, aka my parent's new kitten after 15 years of grieving the loss of our first kitty, Jassu.

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