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The Sundance Kid (Henry Longabaugh) earned his nickname when he was caught and convicted of horse thievery in Sundance, Wyoming. Despite his reputation as a gunfighter, he is not certain to have actually killed anyone. After his release from jail in 1896, he and Robert LeRoy Parker aka “Butch Cassidy” formed the gang known as the Wild Bunch. They were responsible for the longest string of successful train and bank robberies in American history. Due to the pressure of the Pinkerton Detective…


The Pallas´s Cat, also called Manul, is a small wildcat living in the grasslands and steppe of central asia. It is named after the german naturalist Peter Simon Pallas, who first described the species in 1776.


... oh how I miss that sound.... ♡xox♡ I still have a voice mail you sent me..I can't imagine what it would be to not hear that sound..

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Here's What Happened When One Queer Woman Dressed More Feminine For Her Job

Here's what happened when one Queer woman decided to to dress more feminine for her job. All it took was one versatile haircut, and voila. The seeds for "Warpaint," a nuanced art project addressing the subtleties of gender expression, were planted.