I chose this picture of a fire because it is a big part of the book. Brian struggles to cook food, stay warm, and cannot see at night. Fire is his only friend. Will Brian be able to make a fire without any lighter fluid, charcoal, matches, or a lighter? Read to find out!

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Sharing stories (aka. social currency) creates a bond between the brand and its followers. Like a bond fire, people can connect through stories and life experience. This in turn will create an authenticity to the brand and give the brand personality and be personable.

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campfire infographic via cost plus world market / incorporates useful information with product in digestible content. smarties!

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(Open w/ Kit) I sit in front of the camp fire just staring at the flames. I promised I'd stay here for at least a month and that month is almost over. I hear you sit next to me. "What are you doing?" I ask

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