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Pneumonia Symptoms and Causes

Can you catch pneumonia? Read about severe and walking pneumonia, how pneumonia is contagious and ways to avoid catching the lung infection.

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Shouldn't have gotten wasted then douchebag. Grumpy cat is absolutely correct in her assessment of your life choices.I concur wholeheartedly. Therefore continue to lie on the cold hard ground and catch pneumonia.

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Nathan: You know, my pride says, "Yeah. that's it. Just leave here knowing Haley is obviously intimidated by a sexual relationship." But my heart says, "Forget about your pride, you idiot. You love this girl. And even if you catch pneumonia, your ass is gonna stay out here in the rain until you convince her to come back" So come on, Hales. Just meet me halfway here? Haley: Why should I?

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“Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.” – Kurt Vonnegut​ ​👌 More challenging still is the urge not to create for someone else. There is a catch 22 to being a writer: your ego. Our right to express ourselves and the audacity to do so is intrinsically linked to our dire need to please everyone and be loved by all. Self expression becomes fame seeking and you can be carried away so quickly you won’t notice…

Can You Really "Catch" Pneumonia?

Wondering whether or not pneumonia is contagious? Did you know there are over 30 different types? See how this infection occurs and how it's spread.

Mechanisms of atelectasis. A, Collapse of the lung in pneumothorax. B, Compression of the lung by pleural fluid. C, Resorption of the air from alveoli distal to an obstructed bronchus. Obstructive atelectasis is usually focal. Atelectasis of premature infants, which is caused by a deficiency of pulmonary surfactant, is not shown

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Calvin and Hobbes, RAIN - You'll get soaked. ...What's wrong with that? ...You could catch pneumonia, run up a terrible hospital bill, linger a few months, and die.

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