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How to handle the weather at Disney World

Don't let rain ruin your day at Disney World - Tips & advice for handling the weather of Orlando


July 15th, 2013 storm was forecasted to be one of the most active storm dates in recent memory, day only produced one super cell that aforde...


better view Regarding mist...if you have a good weather forecast, like Environment Canada, they'll list the dewpoint..if the temperature goes below the dewpoint, you'll get mist, as long as its not windy. Also, in the late summer and fall the water is warmer, and combined with cool nights makes for a lot of misty mornings. Another thing to look for is a nearby rapid or waterfall which will charge the air with moisture overnight, even in winter. A final point is that mist clears quickly…

"This shot was taken few years ago while I was chasing in southwestern Saskatchewan. On the radar the bow echo produced by this storm was few hundreds of km long trending north-south. I followed this baby from its birth to death. Storm location is Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada." Gunjan Sinha.


with the new moon on Wednesday and rain forecast for the rest of the week, last night's clear weather had me and a few friends driving out of town for some star trails. were we ever surprised when we saw the Northern Lights this far south! this was my first time ever seeing them, and it's certainly an experience I'd like to repeat... dressed warmly, and preferably with a thermos of hot chocolate.


Please no more snow here for the rest of the year or ever.I thought hell was hot when it is actually freezing.40 below for three months.