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Canadian Bacon Egg Cups

Canadian Bacon Egg Cups - if you're pressed for time in the morning, these super easy Canadian Bacon Egg Cups could be your answer. Just line a muffin tin with 2 slices of Canadian bacon, crack an egg and fill and top with cheese. A delicious treat!


Sweet Potato Hash with Canadian Bacon, Red Pepper & Sage

Sweet Potato Hash with Red Pepper & Sage *** LOVED this recipe. Was very easy and very fall. I used chicken sausage instead of canadian bacon and butternut squash instead of russet potato. LOVED


Canadian Bacon Egg Cups

Canadian Bacon Egg Cups - Easy breakfast recipes are the best. Mornings are usually harried for most everyone darting to get to their destination on time. That's one pf the reasons I started baking eggs in the oven.


Eggs Benedict Casserole

Eggs Benedict Casserole - the perfect breakfast dish made with English muffins, Canadian bacon, eggs and more. It's delicious!!