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This fun candy bar lei necklace is easy to make and is the perfect gift for graduation! Instructions on how to make it a money lei too.

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Love this Candy Lei, way prettier than the simple version! May have to try making one soon :D The instructions are connected to the link.

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I came across a post of making dollar bill butterflies, the author uses them to…
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#graduation lei made from mesh sponge. If you unravel mesh sponge ($1 @ the dollar store) most have about 2 3 1/2 feet of tubing so u can easily make two candy leis! I prefer dark color mesh sponges. Loufa

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Graduation candy lei for kids. Smaller lei with sweet treats for the little graduates. What kid would NOT like this. Available for adults in larger size also. Pics available at FB/Miguel's Treasures and Etsy/migstreasures.

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Make your own candy leis! With one roll you can make 100's or candy leis for any and all occasions! One roll gives you more than 2100 feet of 2' wide tubing. Perfect for gumballs or any bite size candy. Get creative with patterns, colors and styles. Save money and have fun!! Traditionally, a lei that has been handmade by the giver holds more sentimental value than the one purchased.

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