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DETAIL butterfly-eye-closeup-ii.jpg - [en]Butterfly eye closeup. Portrait. Canon 300D, Canon 100mm f2.8 macro USM [ru]Ты кто!? Бабочка, портрет. Canon 300D, Canon 100mm f2.8 macro USM


I bought this camera in 2003 and still use it today. It was the first "affordable" digital SLR camera. I'm planning to upgrade to a Digital Rebel 600D sometime this year.

This picture was taken at 2325 UT on March 3rd 2007 from Hampshire with a Canon 300D and a 400mm lens with 2x extension (ie 800mm effective focal length). F/11 on a 10sec exposure, guided.

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My new Canon 600D "Rebel" T3i. Bought this in September. It takes great pictures and has more features than I really need - nice to have and a major upgrade from my old Canon 300D.