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Chinese, especially Cantonese cuisine, uses a lot of fruits in savory dishes. It is no wonder then that we even make chicken soup with honeydew, surprise huh? Another fruit that is also commonly used in savory soup is of course apple, and most popular of all would be apple soup …

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Lotus Root Soup

A very popular dish in Cantonese cuisine, Lotus Root soup is packed with nutrition, easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious

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What is Cantonese Cuisine

Sweet and sour chicken is favorite Chinese take-out dish that everyone will enjoy.  Cubes of chicken are coated in cornstarch and fried until golden brown.  They are then tossed with carrots, bell pepper, pineapple and more before being coated i

The grand Cantonese cuisine of small snacks is a weekend staple. Here’s where to go when you want the best there is.

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Chinese Steamed Pork Balls Recipe

NEW Dim Sum Cookbook - Authentic Dim Sum Recipes: A Style of Cantonese Cuisine b