Capricorn love ♥ Us wee lil goat mermaids! Karma is our papa, Earth our root, Water our soul.- love this

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Sagittarius Woman with Mercury in Capricorn - The Centaur Archer meets The Sea Goat - You can truly understand a person when you know how they think. Mercury is the planet of thoughts. It's why I can come off as conservative, practical, logical, even more blunt, and down to earth. I'm not the woo woo kinda gal. My mind allows me to travel high up into the mountains and low into the seas. I mentally see everything in between. Discover your astro links today at

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~*CAPRICORN *~ Known for their practical approach, the Capricorn natives apply their intelligence and logic and take into account all the facts before making any decisions.These people are mature, sensible and don’t get carried away by fantasies. Their friends have faith in their judgment and frequently seek their advice.

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Those souls born under this sign often have a sense of mission, a sense of strong purpose. Gradually over time they climb the mountain of their ambitions, like a sure-footed goat, and achieve their goals and intentions until they can truly say, “I have accomplished what I set out to do.”

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Los Doce Misterios del Amor. CapricornioLas almas de Capricornio, que ahora están seguras de su capacidad y su derecho para asumir el mando, ya no sienten la necesidad de exhibir u ostentar agresivamente su poderío…

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