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I grew this in A very nice tasting chilli and beautiful to look at. I'll grow again in 2017 if I can't get hold of Purple UFO seeds


Capsicum chinense 'Scotch Bonnet'. Named for its resemblance to a Scotsman's bonnet the Scotch Bonnet is used to flavor many different dishes and cuisines worldwide. Scotch Bonnet has a flavor distinct from its Habanero cousin. This gives Jerk dishes (pork/chicken) and other Caribbean dishes their unique flavor. Scotch Bonnets are especially used in Caymanian and Jamaican cooking, though they often show up in other Caribbean recipes.


Habanero Golden (Yellow). 150,000 - 325,000 Scoville Units. Capsicum Chinense. The Golden Habanero is high yielding and the plant will grow about 30” high (75 cm). The yellow habañero chile pepper is characteristically lantern-shaped. Varying from green and yellow to red and reddish-purple, this hot little pepper is about 1” to 2.5” long and 1” to 2” in diameter.


White Bullet™ Habanero. 250,000 - 400,000 Scoville Units. Capsicum Chinense. The White Bullet Habanero is an extremely hot habanero hybrid from the Caribbean, trademarked by Redwood City Seed Company in Redwood City, California. Some say they are even hotter than either Red Savina or Chocolate Habanero. The chiles grow to 1” long and ½” wide and mature to an ivory-white with a bullet shape. The plants are very productive, growing up to 1,000 tiny chiles per plant!

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Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense) 10 Seeds- Heirloom, Organically Grown and Hand Harvest ! ARIBIBI GUSANO PEPPER Capsicum chinense common name: Aribibi, Aribibi Gusano, Aji Gusanito, Habanero Aribibi G