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2pcs Crystal Flower Handmade Car vent clip, car air freshener, car interior, car accessory, car Decorations by AlonmyCrystalCrafts on Etsy


DIY Natural Car Air Freshener // Natürliche Dufterfrischer im Baumwollsäckchen

How to keep your car smelling nice? Check out this great tutorial that explains how to easily create natural air fresheners and don't forget to visit the collaborative board "DIY bloggers for Volkswagen" for more inspiration:


Tortoise - Scentportable Holder - Bath & Body Works - A shiny openwork shell adds a fancy touch to this tortoise! Pair holder with your favorite Scentportable Refill to radiate fragrance into your car without a plug, battery or flame. The built-in clip base attaches to your visor or seat pocket for a scent-sational driving experience.

Camellia Flower Car Air Vent Bling Decoration with Air Freshener DIY clip

$6. Camellia Flower Car Air Vent Bling Decoration with Air Freshener DIY clip - Carsoda - 1


DIY Car Air Freshener

DIY Car Air Freshener using Essential Oils - Scent your car with natural oils instead of chemicals! Great for summer trips when the car can get funky from all the water and beach sand.


Pina coladas on a beach at the end of summer? With this car perfume you can reminisce of bright days spent with friends as you drive to and from work. Crafted in the shape of a pineapple with detailed


Tassel Air Fresheners

Tassel Air Fresheners - You'll love this set of two rectangular car air fresheners with elastic wood-bead hanger and tassel.Each one is scented with essential oils!