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Premium car care, to many, is synonymous to expensive auto detailing. To them, it means buying the best auto detailing supplies and using the latest equipment. But did you know that you can use several products out there that are not necessarily instantly related to car detailing but can do the job as well? Premium Car Care: 7 Unlikely Products

Migliore's car care product: Strata Coating applied to this beautiful Prowler!

Migliore Strata Coating, a detailing based ceramic car coating being applied to a Dodge Viper!

5 WD-40 Uses for the car interior and exterior WD-40 is one of those legendary products that have become indispensable to virtually every US household. According to the manufacturers, this lubricating spray has over 2000 uses – from keeping garden tools rust free to removing glue from hair. Did you know that WD-40 is also useful for auto detailing? Here are 5 WD-40 uses for your car – at $5 a can, you can afford to give it a try!

Migliore's incredible Strata Coating being applied. 12 months of superior protection.

Clean your car with #KMH #Microfibre_Towel. We have different types of towel like Premium, Water Magnet, Super Thick Plush etc. at best price.

Migliore's incredible 12 month ceramic coating, Strata Coating. Strata Coating is a car detailing product your need in your arsenal!

Migliore's incredible Strata Coating a ceramic coating with 12 months of superior protection.

O M G! Glitter for your tires haha! Must have! Black Magic Tire Color | Black Magic Car Care Products