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Four elements make up most living things -- including you! The elements are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Download this free lesson sheet and help give kids an

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112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Fun

Proof that everything is easier to learn when presented via Pokemon-style. Artist Kacie D. lovingly anthropomorphized every single element, which deserves to be converted into a children's book.

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Relating the curriculum to CLS and human medicine majors

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Carbon Atom 6th grade project.

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Hoyt Carbon Element G3 Compound Bows - WANT! Or equivalent that looks awesome, may with some red on it.

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How to Make a 3D Model of a Carbon Atom

Most students learn about atoms and characteristics of the elements on the periodic table in middle and high school science classes. Consider choosing a simple atom, such as carbon, to represent through a hanging mobile 3D model. Although simple in structure, carbon and compounds containing carbon form the basis of all life. Making a 3D model of a...

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Carbon Footprints [INFOGRAPHIC]

Carbon Footprints

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Kaycie D. | Elements: Experiments in Character Design She illustrated all 112 elements of the periodic table as a study of character design. Her Tumblr Blog:

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3D Printed Carbon Periodic Table of Elements cookie cutter

Pick any periodic table of elements cookie cutter. Cant find your element? Click here:

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Repost @ivy_newyork_ ...Seemingly fantastical in origin, diamonds formed billions of years ago, deep beneath the earth’s surface, during cataclysmic events. They are composed, in a beautiful simplicity, of one element: pure carbon with only the smallest percentage of the occasional trace element. When placed under extreme temperature and pressure, carbon forms the strongest possible atomic bond, making diamond far and away the hardest natural substance on Earth ...

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