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cardboard art made by cutting off the top layer of corrugated cardboard to reveal the inner layer, and adding some color. It ranges from Mario-themed pixel pieces to elaborate portraits of celebrities.

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cardboard \\ charcoal... Love it!! I used cardboard too as a kid.. Lol who knew it's be so awesome still..

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Artist Cuts into Cardboard to Create Old Hollywood Portraits

Rather than simply throwing away a cardboard box, artist Giles Oldershaw redesigns the discarded packaging he comes across as creative, layered portraits. By carving and tearing away at the material, Oldershaw exposes the ribbed texture sealed within. His meticulous precision and artistic ingenuity results in a spectacular set of Cardboard Relief Portraits. Mr. Peter O'Toole

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Cardboard Painting

Gavin Worth is an artist from San Francisco, and sometimes he make paintings from old pieces of cardboard that he find on the sidewalk.

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LESSON 2: Objective- working in small groups, students will create a cardboard relief that illustrates an EoA, while working in a series (about 4-9 pieces). Later, combine each series set to create 1 large display of the elements of art. Maybe exclude the EoA: Color.

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Eva Jospin - this is different to the other two artists I have picked, this one focuses more on the craving of cardboard making trees and other plants but also layering the same way so it creates an image.

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Beautiful recycled mosaic-style art. Children would be so proud to create something like this! It's a masterpiece!

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