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Membership in the bar is a privilege - Cardozo - Law School Graduation Gift - Inspirational Quote - Law School - Lawyer - Attorney

Law School Graduation Gift - Wall Decor - Inspirational Quote - Law School - Instant Download - 8x10 Print - Lawyer - Attorney - Printable


The Question of Whether — And If So, How — a Town Board May Open Its Meetings With Prayer. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton discusses a church/state case that the Supreme Court has recently taken up, which concerns the question whether a town board may constitutionally open its meetings with prayer.

Who Is Afraid of Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims, and Who Is Fighting for It? Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton comments on developments in States across the nation regarding abolishing the statute of limitations on child sex abuse.

A Mid-Year Report on Child Sex Abuse Victims’ Access to Justice in 2015. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton reports on the developments thus far in 2015 with respect to child sex abuse victims’ access to justice.

The California Catholic Bishops Fight Access to Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton comments on the California Catholic Bishops’ decision to fight against, rather than for, justice for child sex-abuse victims. In particular, Hamilton notes that the Bishops’ primary target is the statute-of-limitations (SOL) window.

The “Me Me Me Generation” of Believers. Cardozo law professor Marci Hamilton argues that a narcissistic worldview has infected debates over religious liberty in America, where, she notes, individuals are now demanding the right to construct their workplaces, communities, and schools in the image of their personal religious viewpoints.

Cardozo Law Defense Clinic Helps Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Wheaton College Queues Up to Deny Contraceptive Coverage. Cardozo Law professor Marci Hamilton discusses Wheaton College’s request to receive accommodation under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to avoid providing some reproductive coverage for its female employees.