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Facebook already knows a lot about your online activities and you are pretty much aware of it. But a new media investigation has revealed that the social networking giant buys data on your offline activities without your knowledge. The information that Facebook collects can include things like how much money you make, the stores you shop in, and even the number of credit cards you own, according to the investigation by ProPublica.


Details about Cards and Punishment: Vol. 1, an Unofficial Expansion Pack Against Humanity

Cards and Punishment: Vol. 1, an Unofficial Expansion Pack Against Humanity #CardsPunishment

Civics Constitutional Freedoms/1st Amendment Game Cards (21 I Have Who Has)

Civics Constitutional Freedoms/1st Amendment 21 I Have Who Has Game Cards BUY IN A BUNDLE-CIVICS MEGA BUNDLE -Constitutional Freedoms and Rights BUNDLE-VISIT MY STORE AND FOLLOW TO GET UPDATES WHEN NEW RESOURCES ARE ADDED Includes: 21 Game Cards1 Student Study Sheet The following topics are covered: Human RightsIncorporationEstablishment ClauseFree Exercise ClauseParochial SchoolSecularAbridgePrecedentPure SpeechSymbolic SpeechSeditious SpeechDefamatory SpeechSlanderLibelPrior…

We have been sold this idea that when we crash or break down our bodies we can just go to the human body shop (hospital or clinic) and see our human body mechanic (doctor or other health practitioner) and after pulling out our insurance card they will fix us back as good as new or at least get us back on the road again. We dont have to pull cash out of our pockets. We are comforted in the knowledge that because we have insurance we can go along our merry way smoking drinking and eating…

This is an invasive species and biodiversity research project with a research writing component, a podcast, and a STEM challenge! Students will learn about biodiversity, invasive species, and human impact on ecosystems.This NO PREP project includes a 3 vocabulary games (Memory, Picture Books, and Go Fish!), 10 vocabulary cards with definition, an Invasive Species Webquest (in a Google Doc format that can be shared with students via Google OR printed for students to record findings…

Sometimes, life deals you the perfect hand.

hahaha! I feel as though this is something I would do, I mean we all learned this as a child, if you didnt want someone to steal your food you licked it before you ate it making the once highly coveted food a disgusting piece of deliciousness.


Cards Against Humanity Store want the 90;s pack. only five dollars

New product added on Cards Against Hum... Have a look here!


Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion

Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion Cards Against Humanity


Bring your love or hate or indifference of Cards Against Humanity and Welcome to Night Vale together with Cards Against Night Vale. A game you and those around you can safely store in a box under the bed in the basement where it’s likely to not harm you… if it ever existed.