Carne asada in english

Classic, Mexican-style grilled steak, or Carne Asada, starts with thinly sliced beef dipped in lime juice, garlic and salt, then seared over an open fire. Famous throughout Mexico, especially in rustic, open-air restaurants, restaurantes campestres, Carne Asasa is served with warm tortillas, Mexican-style beans, freshly made salsa and guacamole. With the right GOYA® Products, you can enjoy this traditional Mexican cookout in your own back yard!

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Our Carne Asada Tacos are marinated in a flavorful bath of citrus and GOYA® Mojo Criollo. The steak becomes tender and highly seasoned before being cooked to perfection. Delish!

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Boliche Cubano – Cuban-Style Stuffed Beef Roast | GOYA® Cuban Recipe

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Recetas - SALSA ROJA PARA CARNE ASADA - La primera red social de comida mexicana. May need to bust out the Spanish/English dictionary.

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Chopping up the carne asada

Lentil stew with rice {Arroz con menestra de lentejas}. Arroz con menestra de lentejas is a traditional Ecuadorian lentil stew simmered with onion, pepper, tomato, garlic, cumin, and cilantro. Menestra is served with rice and thin grilled steaks or carne asada. Arroz con menestra or simply menestra is a very popular dish in Ecuador, and you can find it almost everywhere, though the Coastal region has the strongest claim on this dish.

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