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2nd half of X cent. west slavic nobleman All inspired by carolingian imperial…

2nd half of X cent. west slavic nobleman All inspired by carolingian imperial court fashion. Based almost completely on Stuttgart Psalter (820-830AD).

Carolingian Guardsman by JFoliveras

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The Merovingians: The Kings and Queens of the Franks

Mythologized and circumscribed for over 1500 years, the Merovingians were a powerful Frankish dynasty, which exercised control much of modern-day France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Low Countries. During the Early Middle Ages, the Merovingian kingdoms were arguably the most powerful and most important polities to emerge after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, blending Gallo-Roman institutions with Germanic Frankish customs. Recent discoveries and new research in the field…


The Carolingian dynasty was a Frankish noble family with origins in the Arnulfing and Pippinid clans of the 7th century AD. The name "Carolingian" derives from the Latinised name of Charles Martel: Carolus


9th century Carolingian cloisonne plaque. Personification of the Moon [Southern France] (17.190.688) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Early medieval illustration from a Carolingian psalter. This is in in with Psalm…