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How to Save Carrot Seeds

Saving carrot seeds is a two year process. Like many other root crops including onions and beets, carrots are biennials. This means the first year they are planted, they do...

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Use our tips for growing straight, sweet carrots in your vegetable garden! Also download our zone chart and planting guide to know when is the best time to plant carrot seeds in your garden.

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Tips for Growing Carrots in the Garden

Tips for Growing Carrots in the Garden, including how to start carrot seeds, how to transplant and care for carrot seedlings, and how to harvest carrots.:

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Purple dragon carrot Slice it, shred it, love it. This gloriously sweet carrot is the richest, most intense purple. We love to make a cool summer carrot salad of yellow, orange and purple varieties, delicious and a treat for the eyes. Carrot aficionados (and who isn't) will delight in this unique, yet tasty, variety with its purple skin and light yellow core.

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Heirloom Carrot Varieties: Learn all there is to know about planting, harvesting and saving heirloom carrot seeds as well as the cool history behind some of the rarest and oldest heirloom carrots. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

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