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I was playing around with the cartoon creator, ToonDoo, and made this cartoon today. I love the many ways engineers can answer, "Is the glass half empty or half full?"


Cao Liufu is an artist born in North China's Tianjin municipality. He is a skillful comic strip and cartoon creator. During the 1980s, he has involved in the design of several popular animations, including Panda Stories, Worldwide Animal Stories and Three Chicks. Some of the animations he designed have been aired in Japan.


Bob Clampett (1913 - 1984) Director of classic Warner Bros. cartoons, creator of Tweety Bird, he put the daffy in Daffy Duck, producer and director of the "Beany and Cecil" TV cartoon


The only minority creator of a original series currently airing on Cartoon Network reacts to the U.S. election. #webarebears


#Fishing #cartoon by Chad Carpenter © Tundra Comics 2009