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Case Study Definition

Section 69 of Indian Contract Act 1872 deals with reimbursement of person paying money due by another which that another is bound by law to pay (with illustrations, examples, case laws, case studies)


Witchcraft beliefs halt economic progress. Gershman and other social scientists believe that education can help foster improved trust and decrease the prevalence of witchcraft beliefs. "Education may contribute to an environment with higher levels of trust and mutual assistance, insofar as it helps to promote a rational worldview and reduce the attribution of any misfortune in life to the supernatural evil forces of other people in the community," Gershman said. Many anthropological case…



Mastery by Robert Greene Definitely the best book so far by Greene about mastering skills. A case study of various people from Mozart to Davinci to Temple Grandin. Great book!


Pichy, Pichayut, Sirawongprasert Seattle Central Library Case study that investigated the programs, form, structure, circulation, and access points of the Seattle Library. Diagrams are done in axonometric.


2015 LN Medalist - "Coauthored with award-winning running writer and journalist John Hanc, The Ultra Mindset blends exciting personal memoir with actionable, research-based advice. Dramatic stories of Macy's far-flung experiences in the professional endurance-racing world lead into relevant mindset principles, reflective self-assessments, mind- and body-enhancing workouts and activities, and compelling case studies."


The #VPDebate was definitely one for the “record books,” however, it was likely a performance that unhinged Tim Kaine, nicknamed #KaineWreck online, would like to do over. If you want to talk about “tone and temperament,” which the Democrats LOVE to do, please use Tim Kaine, a sweaty, seething gasbag as your “case study” for the worst “tone and temperament” ever displayed by a politician on national TV. Kaine came across as jumpy, nervous, and vile. He was short on substance but long on…


The Politics of Problem Definition: Shaping the Policy Agenda by David A. Rochefort

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Treating Fibromyagia and ME/CFS

Research Brief A recent review of case studies revealed interesting information about heart-rate variability (HRV) in both fibromyalgia and chronic

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What is Global Citizenship?

Education for global citizenship helps enable young people to develop the core competencies which allow them to actively engage with the world, and help to make it a more just and sustainable place.

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Grasshopper · Twisted growth · Relaxation Park, Torrevieja

Grasshopper · Twisted growth · Relaxation Park, Torrevieja by Marina Rocarols. Grasshopper definition for the study of the generative processes behind the geometries by taking the Relaxation Park of Toyo Ito in Torrevieja as study case.