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Case Study Definition

Eames house case study #8 | Definitely one of the highlights of LA 🙌🏼


Case Study V-Leg Bed

A benchmark for superior craftsmanship, The Case Study Bed® adheres to the highest standards of workmanship and genuine materials. Designed by Modernica Studios and built by Modernica’s master builders, this bed is the perfect definition of form follows function. The superstructure of the bed and the headboard are built with a solid one-and-a-half-inch thick laminated hardwood. And each bed is engineered and built with six, rather than the standard four-legs. These additional legs…

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Sustainable home with modern design aesthetic

Case Study: Integrated Team Guides Bainbridge Island Home to LEED-Platinum - Leed, Green Building, Solar Power, Solar Heating, Net-Zero Energy, Green Design, Renewable Energy - EcoHome Magazine Page 3 of 3


Tot Trays: Laundry Theme (thinking it would be cute to hang them on a clothes line...) this would require clipping and that works into fine motor

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Drawing up a flight plan for moonshots

A case study from ProjectWing One of the most difficult challenges our teams at X wrestle with day to day is the absence of a playbook or checklist for their projects. An X moonshot aims for a future 5 to 10 years away and is by definition something thats never existed in the world before. @tachyeonz

Super useful tips on how to read your textbooks in college!

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The Best Way to Memorize Tort Cases

Preparing for 1L Year: How to Memorize Tort Cases in Law School -- Full Post here:

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Key to Law School Exam Success – Organization

Seriously! I'm absolutely crazy with my notes, but this is outstanding. Dang - found this too late "Great tips for law school organization - outlines, study guides, class summaries, etc."


This is my behavioral/ specific learning disability pin. This is a helpful pin to have because not only does it show what signs to look for in a traumatic brain injury but also how to accommodate these students. Since I also plan on coaching a sport, it is very important to know what to look for.


Okay I am not joking seriously today during third period English we had a huge placement test and I read the detective story in Martin and Benedict's voices and the two science things in Matt Smith's and I got the highest score of the entire semester IT HELPS